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Welcome to Joséphine!
www.josephine.ro (hereby known as “website”, “online boutique”) is the official online Joséphine store and is SC BEAU BIJOU SRL’s property.
The following terms and conditions state the rules of accessing and using this online boutique. The use of the online boutique or the purchase of any product represents accepting these Terms & Conditions. These must be carefully read before placing an order.


Josephine.ro sells handcrafted products using Swarovski crystals: earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, headpieces. These products can be purchased as shown on the website or can be customized (choose your favourite colors). In order to customize product colors, please send us an email at contact@josephine.ro before placing an order and only after receiving confirmation of color availability, place your order on the website.

We are doing our best to have complete product descriptions and accurate images. However, these images can be influenced by screen/display calibration and resolution.

Products are ready to ship in 1-6 working days.


Placing an order on Josephine.ro is the equivalent of sending us a buying offer for products specified in the Terms & Conditions and gives us the right to use your personal info. You can place an order on the website even though you don’t have a registered account with us, but your personal info is necessary either way.
We reserve the right to accept or decline your order.


In order to use Josephine.ro and benefit from all its advantages, we recommend you register for an account. To do that, you need to supply detailed personal info: full name, email address, phone number, billing/shipping address, country of residence and other info (on demand).
All personal info must must be real, and accurate.
We reserve the right, without any obligation, to decline your access to the website.


You will receive an explicit email confirmation of your order, includind shipping terms.
Orders higher than 200E will be confirmed and sent to production only after receiving a 50% deposit via bank transfer.
The orders are being saved in our database. Though we advise to keep emails regarding your order to avoid unpleasant situations.


If you wish to cancel your order, please contact us as soon as possible via email or telephone and we will do our best to comply. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee order cancellation if your order has been confirmed and sent into production.
If you wish to cancel your order after it has been confirmed and sent into production, and product manufacturing has already started, we reserve the right to keep the 50% deposit, as manufacturing expenses.
If you wish to cancel your order after it has been shipped, please check the RETURNS section.
OBS: Repeatedly cancelling orders is considered an abuse and these cancellations shall be declined.


All prices are shown in RON/EUR, depending on the country of residence.
• Domestic shipping – all prices include VAT
• International shipping (EU only) – all prices include VAT

Prices do not include shipping.
Modifying your country of residence will influence product prices and taxes.
Prices shown on the website represent the prices at the time of the purchase and can be modified without prior notification (this will not affect those orders that are already confirmed).
The invoice will be issued in RON for domestic orders and EUR for international orders.
If you prefer to receive an invoice using company details, please let us know via email or telephone, after placing the order.


Josephine.ro offers 2 forms of payment: cash (you will pay for your order in cash when it is being delivered to your door) or card payment (online).
• Cash(-back) payment is available only for domestic orders and it means you can pay for your order directly to the courier and get a receipt.
• Card payment via our partner MobilPay. We accept: Visa Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro. Payment processing is being made via the MobilPay payment processing service and is extremely secure, as secure connections and 3D Secure are being used. MobilPay does not save the confidential data of your credit/debit card, but sends it in a crypted connection to the processing bank, your information being secure at all times.


The Joséphine Gift Card will be issued online. You need to chose its desired value ( multiple of 50 eur), a message for the recipient and their name and email.
After payment confirmation, the recipient will receive the Gift Card by email, along with a promo code that will deduct the Gift Card’s value from the Shopping Cart.
To use the Gift Card, you simply type the code received by email in the Promo Code box inside the Shopping Cart and click APPLY. Ther order total will be then updated.

Gift Card conditions:

– The Joséphine Gift Card’s minimum value is 50 eur and can be a multiple of 50 eur.
– The Joséphine Gift Card can be used to purchase any product on Josephine.ro, witihin its value.
– The Joséphine Gift Card must be used within 5 months of purchase or it will expire.
– The Joséphine Gift Card can only be used by its recipient.
– The Joséphine Gift Card can only be used once, cannot be returned or exchanged for cash
– The Joséphine Gift Card cannot be purchased using other Gift Cards
– If the purchase is higher than the Gift Card’s value, the remaining balance will be settled by card or cash
– If the purchase is lower than the Gift Card’s value, the remaining balance will not be refunded and will not be saved for future orders.
– All purchased products using the Joséphine Gift Card are sold under these Terms & Conditions


The Joséphine promotions are defined special purchase conditions for the products sold on Josephine.ro – promo codes and/or produc discounts, category discounts, shopping carte discounts etc.
The Joséphine promotions are subject to special conditions that are explicitly shown on the website and/or these Terms & Conditions.

Special conditions:

– the promotions are time sensititve – they last a certain amount of time
– the promotions may refer to a certain product or category of products
– the promotions cannot be cumulated with other types of promotions
– shipping is not included in the promotional price, unless otherwise noted
– products purchased during promotions cannot be exchanged or replaced by other products


Josephine.ro ships domestically and internationally (EU only).
– domestic orders: Fancourier
– international orders (EU only: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, UK, Netherlands, Polland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Hungary): DPD

If your country is not listed above, please send us an email – contact@josephine.ro
For more information about shipping: contact@josephine.ro
If your destination city is Timisoara, you can pick up your order at our showroom in Timisoara: Filaret Barbu 17 (Atelier intercom).

Delivery times

All Joséphine orders are processed and shipped during regular working hours (Monday to Friday 10.00-18.00 EET).
Delivery times for domestic orders: 1-3 working days.
Delivery times for EU orders (in working days): Austria 3 days, Belgium 5 days, Bulgaria 2 days, Czech Republic 4 days, Croatia 6 days, Denmark 5 days, France 5 days, Germany 4 days, Greece 4 days, Ireland 6 days, Italy 4 days, Luxembourg 5 days, UK 6 days, Netherlands 5 days, Polland 4 days, Portugal 6 days, Slovakia 2 days, Spain 6 days, Sweden 6 days, Hungary 2 days.

Tracking an order

When your order will be shipped, you will receive the tracking number via email, that can easily be used to track your order online.

Delivery costs

Prices shown on the website do not include delivery. Modifying your destination country can affect price products and delivery.
Delivery costs depend on the shipping address:
– domestic order: 20 lei (if the delivery address is listed out of the Fancourier covered area, shipping costs will be communicated via email after confirming shipping costs with Fancourier; your order will be shipped only after you have given your explicit confirmation on the matter).
– International orders: Austria 20 eur, Belgium 26 eur, Bulgaria 20 eur, Czech Republic 26 eur, Croatia 46 eur, Denmark 26 eur, France 26 eur, Germany 20 eur, Greece 26 eur, Ireland 46 eur, Italy 20 eur, Luxembourg 26 eur, UK 26 eur, Netherlands 26 eur, Polland 26 eur, Slovakia 20 eur, Spain 26 eur, Sweden 34 eur, Hungary 20 eur.


Please keep in mind that all Joséphine products are handcrafted and made to order. None of the products shown on the website are on stock, unless otherwise noted.
Products that have been customized in any way, cannot be returned in any way.
However, your satisfaction is most important to us, so we assure you we will do our best to solve your demand for return.

Production faults

All Joséphine products are quality checked before shipping. However, in case of production faults, please let us know immediately and return the product. If this situation occurs, you can receive a replaced product or a refund.
Any production fault must be communicated 3 days of delivery or it will not be taken into account.
Production faults include: detached crystals, chipped crystals, separated stone settings, missing elements, loosened connection rings, missing fastening).
Production faults do not include: crystal specific color features, freshwater pearl irregular shape.
One cannot exchange a product with a completely different product (one style with another).
We will not tolerate repeated returns claiming production faults.


The warranty refers to the amount of time between the purchase date and the day the producer stops being responsible for repairing or exchanging the product (on his expense), if the occurred problems are not imputable to the client.
The Joséphine products carry a 30 day commercial warranty (the purchase date being day 1).

Please read the conditions that void the warranty:
– products that have been deteriorated by normal moral and physical use (normal wear)
– products that have been deteriorated by shipping, handling or inappropriate storage
– products that have been deteriorated due to environment conditions: sun, rain, snow, severe temperatures
– products that have been voluntarily or involuntarily deteriorated by breakage, tearing, smashing, hanging, scratching or any other mechanical shocks
– faults caused by inappropriate, abusive, incorrect use or in inappropriate conditions, other than the ones it has been designed for
– unauthorized interventions, repairs or modifications
– faulty maintenance
The Joséphine warranty offers all the legal rights vouchsafed by the Romanian Legislation (449/2003 Law, 21/1992 OG)

Returns procedure

If you wish to return / exchange a Joséphine product, you need to let us know of your intent, within 3 days of receipt via email at contact@josephine.ro.
After analyzing your request, we will confirm al the details of your return. All shipping costs tied to the return must be paid in advance by the customer.

We will immediately let you know of the receipt and verification of your return. We hold the right to accept or deny the return only after the products have been verified, as per the below return conditions.
– if the products are not returned within 5 days of the email confirmation of the return, if the product are deteriorated and/or with an incomplete return form, if the return has an uncertain sender that cannot be identified, we hold the right to deny the return and to send back the products, on the customer’s expense
– if the products are returned without the original packaging, or with a deteriorated packaging, or with missing/deteriorated labels, we hold the right to retain the amount according amount (you will be informed of this amount via email) or to send back the products (on the customer’s expense)
– if the return is denied and the products are sent back and you refuse the package, we hold the right to retain all the amount paid
– if the return becomes an exchange, the new product will be shipped within 5-7 working days of the returned product’s receipt and verification
– if the return becomes a refund, this refund will be made within 15 working days of the returned product’s receipt and verification.

Returns conditions

The returned products must be new, unworn, with no signs of physical use or deterioration.
The products must be returned in their original packaging, original labels on. The packaging and labels are part of the purchased product.

The products must be returned accompanied by the return form comprehensively filled out with all the requested information (you will receive this form via email).

We hold the right to deny and send back any return that does not comply with the above.
All shipping and handling costs are to be paid in advance by the customer.
IMPORTANT: We do not accept packages with cash on delivery shipping. We do not accept packages with an unidentified sender. We cannot be held responsible for lost or deteriorated packages. We do not pick up packages from the Post Office or any other office. Repeated claims of returns will be considered an abuse.


If the return becomes a refund, the following taxes will not be refunded: shipping, bank fee, exchange disparity for EUR payments, other taxes according to each case.
The refund, except the above taxes, will be performed by bank transfer, in the account of your choosing. You will receive a confirmation email the moment the refund has been processed.


If you have any suggestions, recommendation or observation, please email us at contact@josephine.ro or call us at + 40 745 62 55 65, Monday to Friday 10.00-18.00.


All content on Josephine.ro, without any limitations to design, graphic design, logo, text, video content, images, symbols, scripts, source code and other data, is the property of SC BEAU BIJOU SRL and is protected by copyright laws and intellectual and industrial property laws. Any use of this content without explicit consent from SC BEAU BIJOU SRL is strictly forbidden and will be punished according to the law.

Confidentiality. Data security
SC BEAU BIJOU SRL will strictly protect the customer’s data. By registering for an account on Josephine.ro, you are agreeing to including your data in the company’s database, and therefore give the company the right to use this data for marketing and advertising purposes. This means you agree to receiving promotional messages by mail, telephone, email, sms or other means, having of course the possibility to unsubscribe at any time. According to the 677/2001 law concerning the personal data processing and private life protection, SC BEAU BIJOU SRL is bound to securely manage the supplied data, and only in the hereby noted purpose.
SC BEAU BIJOU SRL does not encourage spam in any way, does not sell/offer/trade any information obtained through this website.


Without any limitations to your customer rights, the terms and conditions of this website, any other situations, conflict or not, resulted in the use of this website, will be resolved by the laws of Romania.


The users and visitors of Josephine.ro can comment, communicate, suggest or ask for additional information, as long as their content is not illegal, obscene, threatening, defamatory, does not infringe on the copyright laws, does not carry viruses, mass emails or any other spam.

The access to this website gives the user limited access, in personal interest, and does not give him/her the right to partially or completely download and/or modify this website, to partially or completely reproduce this website, to copy, sell/resell or exploit this website in any way, commercially or contrary to SC BEAU BIJOU SRL, without its written approval.
The user states the he holds all the rights on the content he displays or passes through this website, by any means, and will not cause harm to anyone.


We will do our best to amicably deal with any conflict raised between SC BEAU BIJOU SRL and its customers. If this is not possible, the Romanian laws will apply and the conflict will be resolved in Court.

Final dispositions

Placing an order on Josephine.ro automatically implies accepting, without any exception, the above Terms and Conditions (the equivalent of signing a contract agreement). The Terms and Conditions stated here obey the OUG 130/2000 and OUG 34/2014 laws concerning cutomer’s rights in long distance commercial contracts and does not affect in any way the customer’s rights protected by the current legislation.

Company data:

Adress: 17 Filaret Barbu street, ro.1, ap.1/2, Timisoara
VAT no: RO23407314
Bank: ING Bank
Account no (RON): RO85 INGB 0000 9999 0166 3610