March 8th is this Wednesday.
Each year, on March 8th, the world (well, a big part of it) celebrates International Women’s Day, as a token of respect and admiration towards all the women out there that have fought for gender equality. Maybe it doesn’t seem such a big deal, but if you do a bit of a research, you’ll come to realise that all the rights we consider normal nowadays, haven’t always been there. We should be grateful to these women for our right to education, to vote, to work, to dignity. And these are only the first ones that come to mind.

March 8th is not just a moment to appreciate a woman’s beauty and give her flowers. The gifts you give come, in addition to your smile and affection, with the voice of all these wonderful women from the past: “Keep going. You’re on the right track.”

I came up with Anca (florist at Peonies & Hydrangeas) with this delightful gift idea: beautiful flowers – a package of natural ones and Swarovski crystal ones (Les Fleurs de Joséphine earrings), positive female energy within, cheering and rooting for you.

You can order the Les Fleurs de Joséphine earrings with a special 20% discount until March 8th.

For orders and more details about the flower arrangements, you can reach Anca on her P&H facebook page or call her +40 724 355 553.

{the flowers+earrings gift canot be shipped, it can only be picked up from our showroom}